Eurasia Industry Engineering Co.

Eurasia Industry Engineering a Design , Manufacturer and exporters of high quality plastic machinery equipmets , Industrial heating parts Plastic Injection and Extrusion Equipments and Moulds .The concepts behind  Eurasia Industry Engineering Co are "Constant Innovation; Technological Leadership Insistence to Quality. "Under these concepts, Eurasia Industry Engineering design and manufacture many high performance , high mixing screws and barrels that are not available from competitors

  Eurasia Industry Engineering company  has grown steadily to its modern facilities of today and  in the leading position of screw and barrel manufacturer and exporter in Turkey . Looking towards the future , we will always strive hard to pursue higher targets based on our current foundation.

-Quality jobs than our competitors, may be able to compete in this area and be in power.

In addition to the work done to give technical support.

Make continuous improvement, be able to make the best of the cheapest.

Because education and knowledge with flawless production at every stage of production techniques trained to use force.